The tool is located inside the “tools” directory of the package. Its name is WiCodeGen.exe


The first thing WICodeGen will ask you is to select the Team Project:


Next, WiCodeGen generates a mapping for each workitem and each property:


You can choose the generated language and the namespace associated to the generated code.

The generated classes can be directly used inside a query with the Set<> method:


The IsSupported method verifies if the work item type of a given team project supports all the properties of the generated class. 


// Check if the mapping is supported
if (scrumProject.IsSupported<Bug>())
    // this query only works for Scrum template 2.0 
    var bugQuery = from bug in scrumProject.SetOf<Bug>()
                    where bug.Title == "Build Failure in Build: MonApp_20130328.2" && bug.AssignedTo == QueryConstant.Me
                    select bug;
    var bugResult = bugQuery.ToList();


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