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Project Description
Wilinq is a linq to workitem provider. It also contains WIQL to expression tree parser. Wilinq is based on the the fissum project source code

Exemple of linq query:
 from workitem in scrumProject.WorkItemSet()								
	where workitem.Title.Contains("Build")								 
	 && workitem.Field<string>(SystemField.AssignedTo) == QueryConstant.Me
	select workitem;

  • Create workitem linq query at TPC level
  • Create workitem linq query at project level
  • Create linq where block on workitem object properties
  • Use Field<T>(systemfieldname) method to filter on a specific field
  • Use QueryConstant.Me constant to target the current user
  • Allow and/or/not complex filter combinations
  • Map a class to a type of work item how to map a class to a type of workitem

Last package version

Demo source source is hosted on github:

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